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Check your content:

The best practice is to ensure that your site has a fair amount of content and that the content within your site contains the keywords that you would like to be found as; this is called keyword density. The higher your keyword density the more likely your site will be found.

The difficult part for most clients is to work the keywords into the content so they sound natural within the copy. While we want a high keyword density within the pages of your site we don’t want the keywords to be thrown in haphazardly or in spammed nature. This will have actually have a negative impact on your site’s search engine performance.

Geographic Terms and Titles

If your company has services focused in specific regions then it is important to include those areas within your site’s titles and content. Many people will begin their searches with the geographic area that they are in, such as “Minneapolis Landscape Maintenance.”

Much like the keywords discussed earlier geographic keywords can be worked into your site’s content and titles in a natural way. You could also take it a step further and create individual landing pages that contain targeted content for specific geographic areas.

Ongoing SEO service consists of monitoring and suggesting/making changes to your site’s content or structure in order to maintain and improve your site’s performance. For this you can always utilize us, or a preferred SEO partner. The cost of ongoing SEO service can range in price depending on the level of monitoring and reporting you are looking for as well as the involvement of making changes to the site’s content / structure. Most small site contracts will start at $200 – $300 per month but can increase in cost along with the amount of services performed.

For most sites we would recommend not starting any SEO maintenance services for 30-60 days after the new site launch. This is simply due to the fact that it takes time for your site to be indexed by the major search engines and for changes to start appearing from the old site to the new. If your site is brand new you will want to wait 30-60 days after your site has been indexed for the first time by the major search engines.

If you don’t feel like you can be the William Shakespeare of SEO, then you’re in luck – Fuzzy Duck offers SEO copywriting services. The cost of this service will vary according to how much content you are able to provide to us and how complicated your content would be to adequately write.

SEO is an ongoing effort to improve and maintain your site’s performance within search engines. There are many things that go into your site’s performance within search engines. Fuzzy Duck follows web standards to ensure a site is capable of being found and allows for any additional ongoing efforts in this area.

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