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Social Media

Social media is a form of online communication allowing your business to shift roles of the content generator and the listener. Joining online social networks allows you to create conversations and to be a part of other’s conversation by providing content, commenting, and sharing information. Social media has become influential because of the constant two-way communication, allowing your “voice” to always be a part of the conversation.

Staying current on marketing and advertising trends these days includes adding social media. Traditional marketing and advertising costs can amount to thousands of dollars and the effectiveness and value on the return on investment can be difficult to judge. On a budget, it can be hard for a company to cover the entirety of what they do through traditional marketing. By utilizing social media, companies have the opportunity to generate specific messages for their target audience and create conversation for all to see and be a part of. Social media allows potential for increased brand awareness, higher website traffic, and will create a positive identity with your audience.

Creating an effective social media strategy can generate positive exposure, increase brand identity, drive web site traffic and create conversation with consumers. A strategy can also potentially increase revenue, generate feedback, and help you obtain new customers or clients. Building a community with your employees on social media will create a solid online presence. Having a voice will allow your business to build or reconstruct the image that is being talked about. Also, being a part of social networks allows your business to connect with past and present customers in a unique way.

In order for social media to be effective, your business needs to be consistently present in the online community. Time can be a crunch, so being selective about what information to post is important.

Fuzzy Duck is here to help you with both creating and providing continual posts and comments to your social media accounts. You can spend zero time on social media and still produce rich content-based information to your followers and friends.

Developing a strategy plan for social media does not generate immediate results. Establishing a social presence and audience takes time. There are many ways to generate followers when starting out. Your business needs to build a web presence that is consistent and leave people wanting more.

Having objectives from your marketing plan already in place will allow your social media strategy to remain cohesive and consistent with your brand message. Staying consistent with fonts, colors and images is an important objective to be implemented in your social media strategy. Depending on your goals and objectives what you publish on social media should contribute to that goal.

Social media marketing is no different than standard print marketing in terms of keeping your eye on the competition. As a business, you want to know or see what competitors are doing differently. Social media allows you to learn from your competitors and obtain new ideas on how to interact with your audience.

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