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Captivate Your Audience With Motion Graphics & Animation

Our team at Fuzzy Duck combines visual storytelling and the art of animation to make anything from logos to explainer videos to web banners to product demos even more captivating. On average, people retain over 9x more from video versus what they read in text.

Adding movement to a design can dramatically increase your message’s effectiveness by catching the viewer’s eye and mind in a unique way. And motion graphics – graphic designs that move – do just that.

We use mesmerizing special effects and clever illustrations to clearly communicate your small business’ message with professional, one-of-a-kind animation.


Our skilled animators and motion graphics experts will guide you through the entire process, looking to you for approval before progressing on to each new step.

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Understanding Your Needs

Through an initial interview, we collaborate with you to determine the goals of your project and the audience you aim to reach.

Writing The Script

We get down to business writing a compelling script to underscore the engaging visuals we will dream up. Your message will be spun into a clear and concise story that conveys the heart of your brand.

Visual Development

A storyboard is developed in a visual style fit for your audience and brand. This is your early opportunity to provide input on the styling and guide the visual look of the final product form.

Audio and Voice-Over

Audio is a key aspect of delivering a polished, professional video. The work of our voice-over artists and well-placed music from our extensive library amp up quality of any video.

Making It Move

All the elements come together as our animators work their magic and create fluid, captivating results to reel in your audience and build your brand.

Final Delivery

We tailor the final video to suit the dimensions relative to its intended display. Additionally, we provide variety of standard formats for video sharing across platforms. Need something different? Just ask!


Motion graphics and animation come in all different shapes and sizes. Here are a few examples of what we can create for you and have created for clients in the past.

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Explainer Videos

Explainer videos aim to lead audiences to an “a-ha!” moment – clearly and engagingly communicating a complex idea.

Marketing Videos

Capture your audience’s attention and promote yourself in a distinct way across platforms.

Corporate Videos

Whether you’re looking to highlight internal initiatives or onboard new employees, do so with high-quality videos in your own branding.

Instructional Videos

Clearly communicate step-by-step processes in a digestible way that your audience will easily follow.

Whiteboard Videos

This fun and creative style of video combines text and illustration for an attention-grabbing storytelling medium.

Transition Effects for Film

Up the quality of your video production, keep your story flowing smoothly, and provide context to your work with professionally integrated transitions, title cards, and lower thirds.

Character Animation

Give your brand mascot or any drawn character even more personality by making them move, talk, and live your brand.

And More!

We’re an organization of creative problem solvers at your service to help you win! Contact us for any motion graphics and animation needs.

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Develop custom-branded animations and motion graphics for your business!

  • Work 1:1 with creatives from concept to creation
  • Increase the reach of your video with our support in other service areas
  • Maximize your return-on-investment by creating adaptable content with a dedicated team
  • Tried and true experts in small business storytelling with 30 years experience

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