MascotLab Estimate Request

Strike A Pose!

One of the best ways to bring your existing mascot or character spokesperson to life is to use them in multiple marketing peices and show them in different situations doing different things.  By building a library of such images, you are allowing your character to interact with both your brand and your markeing messages.

The following form will provide us the information we need to confirm a budget for the creation of a pose and give us everything we would need to get started when approval is given.

Our goal with every pose we do is to keep the appearance of your established character consistent and recognizable.  By doing this, we are able to build equity in them as a branding and marketing element.  We also strive for poses that engage the audience and convey the desired message.

Your completion of this form will help us accomplish our goals.  Thank you for your time.

  • In as much detail as possible, please provide an overall description of the pose you are looking to have done.
    Please confirm that this pose is for an existing and established mascot or character that you have ownership and right to. (If not, we will need to include the development of a new mascot or character specifically for your needs).