For nearly 50 years, DG Woodcare has provided artisan wood maintenance to the Minneapolis-area. Their focus is on repairing, refinishing, and maintaining woodwork on a recurring basis. Through our copywriting services, Fuzzy Duck recently helped them refine their messaging to better explain who they are and what they do. This worked to more effectively sell their services on their website, social media, and sales materials.

Our main goal with this project was to help them find a better way to articulate what they do and who they work with to generate more of their ideal clients. Initially, they reached out for support in refreshing their website and sales materials, as well as launching a LinkedIn for their business. They didn’t have the time or resources to write all of that content themselves and wanted to best convey their business goals. Through their work with our expert copywriter, they established the message they wanted their customers to hear, and we crafted that message into something they could use throughout their marketing materials. We created concise, easy-to-understand language to present their value proposition, unique service offerings, and industry expertise. 

By working as partners with Fuzzy Duck, DG Woodcare was able to continue focusing on what they are good at – wood restoration and maintenance – and we could provide them with what we’re good at – helping our clients say it better. This foundational work on messaging has primed other efforts, like consistent social media posts and sales materials.

Check out the clean copy used on their new website, social media, and sales brochures.