In the world of business, clarity is king. Fuzzy Duck recently undertook an exciting project with this truth in mind. We crafted four 30-second whiteboard explainer videos and an attention-grabbing, 60-second character-based animated motion graphics video for ITEX of Fairfield, Connecticut.

ITEX recognized the need to simply explain their business concept and effectively communicate it to their target audience made up of business owners, particularly those in the younger age bracket. Armed with completed scripts and voiceovers, they turned to Fuzzy Duck to bring their vision to life.

Fuzzy Duck was tasked with translating the provided script into visually captivating content that was easily understood by the intended audience. The process began with the production of storyboards. Like scene-by-scene blueprints, the different images were outlined as they corresponded to the script. After the storyboards were approved, Fuzzy Duck’s team of animators brought the still images to life!

The 30-second whiteboard explainer videos artfully simplified the client’s abstract business process while effectively emphasizing key messages through illustration-based motion graphics.

The pièce de résistance, the 60-second motion graphic video, involved creating digital assets of characters capable of movement and animation. It used vibrant colors and intricate animations to captivate viewers. The videos were a hit across two of their offices in Fairfield, CT, and San Diego, CA, and served to reinforce the brand’s message while maximizing their investment.

Fuzzy Duck showcased how animation and illustration can make business messaging clearer and more engaging, especially with younger audiences. Enjoy the series of videos for yourselves by clicking on the thumbnails below. View more of our animation work here.

When my client was looking to market his business, Fuzzy Duck came through with great animated videos that immediately got impressions on social media. The team of professionals were helpful and responsive at every stage of development. – Ian, ITEX Corporate