Committee to Elect Buchanan




Jeff Buchanan is a local resident and seasoned entrepreneur. He has a passion for the city of Wayzata and helping to lead his community into sustainable growth all while remaining diligent in preserving the health and charm that Wayzata is known for. During the 2018 election, Jeff Buchanan was running for a seat on the Wayzata City Council where he could continue to make a difference and be a voice in his community. Through a strong campaign and hard work, Jeff won that seat on the Wayzata City Council.

Fuzzy Duck had the amazing opportunity to partner with Jeff Buchanan on identifying his goals and philosophies and focusing those into primary positioning statements that the voters could understand and appreciate. Jeff Buchanan was then able to clearly communicate his goals throughout his campaign. From there, Fuzzy Duck designed an overall visual feel for the campaign, business cards, yard signage, postcard mailers, door hangers, assisted in copywriting, established his social media accounts and managed the content for social media throughout the campaign.



Social Media