Lawn Doctor of Greater Columbus, a franchise lawn care business, approached us with the opportunity to create an illustrated mascot for their company to use in their marketing. The only must-have on their list was that the mascot was a pig! Lawn Doctor’s core values spell out the acronym PIGGIES.  These stand for Positivity, Improving each day, Gratitude, Growth, Integrity, Empathy, and Service. So, our team of designers set out to create the perfect little addition to the Lawn Doctor brand with that in mind. They hoped a friendly pig mascot would illustrate (pun intended) these values.

While the Lawn Doctor team expressed their desire for a pig mascot, they remained open-minded about its overall appearance. This flexibility allowed our designers to tap into their creativity and dream up their own interpretations of how this little piggy should look and portray himself. They presented the client with all kinds of pigs in various styles, poses, and personalities. One thing they really had to talk over was whether he should be depicted on two legs or four! 

Following the initial presentation of ideas, our designers skillfully merged their individual design styles into a cohesive final version of the mascot. They added props that further expanded his individual personality. Ultimately, the character is featured wearing gardening gloves and a Lawn Doctor branded neckerchief, while pushing a fertilizer spreader – elements that resonated with the brand’s identity, industry, and values.

Lawn Doctor wasted no time in introducing their new friend to their audience. Their pig, called Parker, made his debut on social media, where he serves as a friendly and inviting face. His presence enhances Lawn Doctor’s brand, making it more relatable and approachable to customers and serving to embody their company values.

This illustration truly exemplifies the collaborative and creative spirit of our team as the final version reflects a true unification of our designers’ personal styles and processes. As he graces Lawn Doctor’s social media and beyond, Parker continues to foster a strong and engaging connection with their audience.

Learn more about Lawn Doctor here. See highlights of our process below.