Milk Diagnostics is a technology startup company looking to shake up the dairy industry. They enlisted Fuzzy Duck’s assistance to refine their existing logo concept and create a video to help explain their unique offering.

Fuzzy Duck worked with the client to gain a thorough understanding of their technology, how it worked and its key benefits. We then translated that info down to a concise and easy to understand written script. That script was then used to develop an eye-catching and entertaining video that helped investors and dairy farmers better understand EXACTLY what Milk Diagnostics was developing and how significant an impact it could have on the industry.

Once completed, the client posted the video on their website and used it as their key communication tool at a regional industry expo. The event included attendees from Texas, Sioux Falls, the UK and Ireland and the client reported that everyone who viewed the video immediately “got” what the product was, “got” what it did and most importantly “got” what the benefits were! The client said that this made it much easier to advance conversations with attendees in more detail without having to spend time explaining the basics.

Check out the explainer video below and see if you “get” what Milk Diagnostics is all about; that’s the power of the explainer video in action!