Pimushe Resort is a lakeside getaway outside of Bemidji, MN. With beautiful pinewood cabins hidden in Chippewa National Forest, the property is the up-north destination of your Minnesotan dreams! Fuzzy Duck recently designed and developed a new website for them to keep this family business with the times.

Our main goal with the project was to provide their site with an updated look. As part of this, we reworked their logo and created a site feel based on the logo’s colors and modern finishes.

Additionally, we reviewed the site’s strategy for internal linking to strengthen its SEO reach. Finally, we updated the language on the site to more prominently feature calls to action, and therefore, drive business. All of these goals were accomplished on a site that can be easily updated by resort staff, should the need arise.

See their new and improved website for yourself!


We love what you guys did for us! Thank you for dragging a couple of dreamers and their old inherited website along this process. The whole site feels up to date and tranquil now. To have the back end not feel like a minefield anymore is the best part though! One less thing to wake a business owner up at night!