Zantigo is a local restaurant chain with a storied past. Born in the late 60s in St. Paul, it had grown to over 80 locations by the mid-1980s before being sold to Taco Bell in 1986. But now, the independent Zantigo name is back! Its revival boasts four locations across the Twin Cities metro. Their Mexican-American menu includes favorites such as flavorful Grande Burritos, zestily seasoned Ancho Fries, and their signature Chilitos of cheesy-chili goodness.

Zantigo and Fuzzy Duck have engaged in an ongoing relationship driven by a set monthly budget. This approach requires prioritization and close management of short and long-term deliverables but eliminates financial surprises and allows for the client to have complete control over their spending. Some of our key work with Zantigo involves the planning and execution of quarterly and one-time campaigns, the creation of in-store promotional materials, as well as ongoing social media strategy and website management.

The set monthly cost allows Fuzzy Duck to maximize Zantigo’s self-determined budget. We’re able to accomplish projects that require a quick turnaround as well as larger projects moving them closer to their big business goals. The Fuzzy Duck team and key Zantigo leadership communicate regularly to ensure these goals remain in alignment.

This approach also gives Zantigo access to Fuzzy Duck’s entire creative team — illustrators, designers, digital marketing experts, and the web team all contribute to the Zantigo account. Fuzzy Duck has become a one-stop-shop for Zantigo’s marketing and creative needs, allowing for the maintenance of a consistent brand for Zantigo on all channels.

Working with a brand as fun as Zantigo is a real treat! With bold colors, a mustached corporate character, tasty food, and devoted fans, our creative team has a blast helping this brand flourish.

See below for a small sampling of the work we’ve done with Zantigo:


Promotional Campaigns

Social Media