4 Social Media Holiday Contests That Are Easy To Run

The holiday season is almost here. Along with seasonal goodies, there’s also going to be lots of shopping.

Here are a few of our tips for creating a holiday campaign that stands out this year:

1. Facebook Comment Giveaway
One of the easiest Christmas campaign ideas to run is a comment giveaway. It’s easy for people
to enter and for you to track entries, like this one:

This campaign has a lot to like about it:
It’s a simple question: What’s your favorite holiday treat?
The picture is eye-catching and very well staged.
The instructions and the prize are on the photo itself.
The photo provides everything that is needed for the promotion, making it useful to re-purpose on
other social networks such as Instagram. Keep these things in mind when designing your own
Christmas campaign.

2. Twitter Follow & Retweet Giveaway
It’s always good to include attractive photo’s in promotions, especially for sales, contests, and
giveaways. This is true even for a simple Twitter Retweet and Follow campaign, like this from Rule

Asking for a Retweet makes it possible that your promotion will reach even more people. And
asking for a Follow means that you’ll be able to keep in touch through your tweets and be able to
contact them through a direct message.

If you have a really valuable prize or want people to work a little harder to enter, you can ask them
to tweet about something like a favorite holiday memory or food, and even ask for a photo. Be sure to require them to use one or two hashtags to enable you to easily track entries.

3. Instagram Repost Giveaway

Instagram provides an awesome visual way to catch the eye of people. Asking people to repost
your photo can be a great way to spread the word for your brand’s giveaway, like this one from @madewithlove63:

The instructions are on the photo, so when it is re-posted, others know how to enter. Asking for
several actions such as a follow, repost, and tag are common, especially on Instagram. Here’s
another one:

Other options include asking people to like or comment on your post to enter. These are very
simple to run and track.

4. YouTube Comment Giveaway

We haven’t seen too many giveaways and promotions on YouTube, but these can be successful
too, like this one from MinerzFilmz:

Although it might require more effort to produce a Christmas video, it can be much more engaging
than a photo or text post. Asking for people to subscribe and comment is a simple way to boost
subscribers and engagement at the same time.
To make sure people who enter watch your video, especially if it contains any branding or
promotions, let them know that instructions on what their comment should be about is contained in
the video.

5. Enticing Sales Promotions

Whether you’re promoting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or all your social networks, there’s so
many ways to attract buyers:
Early bird, one day only, limited quantity sales
Free shipping, BOGO – Buy one get one free offers
Site-wide discounts, special purchase items, category discounts

. Run a Photo Contest