Meet The Ducks

Small Team, Big Waves

For more than 30 years, Fuzzy Duck has maintained a boutique team of creative marketers dedicated to helping other small businesses win. Known for our collaboration and big-picture thinking, we are proud to have played a role in helping generations of small businesses succeed. This small but mighty team of talented professionals is what makes it possible for us to provide top-notch solutions delivered by friendly people who make the whole process enjoyable.


Our Nest

The building we call our office is as unique as we are! Located just blocks off of Lake Minnetonka, this beautiful historic house is full of character. With a welcoming front porch (Happy Hour HQ), original hardwood floors, and beautiful built-in fireplace, this house contains so much personality. We think of this space as a part of our company culture; it’s the perfect place to call our own.

Fuzzy Duck Office Building Front Porch
About OUr Name

Where did the name “Fuzzy Duck” come from?

Illustration of young Eddie Ulrich with Farmer holding ducklings in his arms.

Humble Beginnings…

Our Founder – Eddie Ulrich’s career in creative marketing originated while growing up on a farm where he spent much of his time with a sketchpad and his imagination. Even as a young boy, his artistic ability lead to small jobs like creating signs for the local grocery store or painting a logo on the side of a livestock trailer. This eventually led to a local farmer asking little Eddie to create a sign to advertise ducklings he would be selling at a flea market.

Illustration of Farmer holding a stack of money next to a crate of ducklings with a sign that says "Fuzzy Ducks For Sale!"

Measurable Results…

Instead of simply painting “Ducklings For Sale” in red paint, Eddie designed a sign featuring a cartoon image of a duck with “Fuzzy Ducks For Sale” in stylized lettering. The farmer wasn’t sure why but the sign attracted enough attention to not only sell all his ducklings but it also generated requests for more “Fuzzy Ducks” he might have back home.  Even more interesting was the fact that there were plenty of regular ducklings still available for sale from other farmers.

Illustration of Farmer holding a stack of money next to a crate of ducklings with a sign that says "Fuzzy Ducks For Sale!"
Illustration of young Eddie Ulrich walking away from an easel with the original Fuzzy Duck business logo on it.

Formula For Success…

Years later, while studying graphic design and advertising in college, Eddie looked back on that project and finally realized what had made that sign so successful. He had given the product a distinctive name and combined it with a strong visual brand which made those ducklings different in the eyes and minds of the consumer. It was a eureka! moment for Eddie and made him even more excited for his future career. So, when he started his freelance design business, he named it Fuzzy Duck in honor of his first client win!

Logo Evolution

Fuzzy Duck Logo 1994


Fuzzy Duck Logo 1995


Fuzzy Duck Logo 1997


Fuzzy Duck Logo 2000


Fuzzy Duck Logo 2012


Fuzzy Duck Logo Current