Helping Small Businesses Win

Fuzzy Duck’s process is specifically designed to help small businesses win. We take a three-step approach to addressing client needs. First, we’ll discuss your immediate goals and ensure your business has strong core marketing elements. Then, we’ll continue to grow them! Let us explain:

Initial Steps

Getting Started

We’ve found that small businesses are best positioned to win when they have three things:

  • A strong brand
  • The right message
  • A website that converts

With these core elements in place, we can implement an effective marketing strategy and provide support when and where you need it.

Core Services: Messaging, Branding and Web

Core Marketing Elements

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Ensure your business name, logo and client-facing visual brand are consistent with your desired positioning. A well-crafted brand will help you tell a story, attract the right audience and build awareness and memorability.

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Help people instantly “get” who you are and what you do. We’ll help you find the right words to share your story and clearly explain the benefits you offer. Your target audience will be excited to meet you.

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Every small business needs a website or some form of online presence. It’s where potential customers learn more about you, identify the benefits you can provide them, and take the next steps to do business with you.

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Web & Interactive

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Visual Design

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Digital Marketing

Further Support

Taking It Further

After assessing and confirming your core marketing elements, Fuzzy Duck can really start building on them. In this stage, we can help you dive into all aspects of marketing – both digital and traditional. From direct mail and print ads to social media, email and search engine marketing (SEM). Together, we can identify your needs, create a strategy as well as execute and manage your ongoing marketing efforts. Fuzzy Duck offers a variety of creative and strategic marketing services to help you accomplish your marketing and sales goals.

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Client Journey

Three Steps To Get Started


Initial Meeting

Getting To Know Your Business Without Obligation



Assessing Your Existing Marketing and Creating A Plan



Propelling You Into The Future