4 Ways Animation Can Improve Your Marketing

The word animation might conjure up images of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons or that Disney movie your kids can’t stop watching. And while animation can be those things, it can also be one of the most powerful tools when creating marketing content. Animation – or motion graphics – can range from simple movement of existing visual assets to full blown character animation. And regardless of its style or complexity, animation can help capture attention, educate, entertain or elicit a desired reaction from your audience very effectively.

Below is a clip from a product explainer video Fuzzy Duck created for one of our clients. The use of characters and story help the viewer quickly understand the benefits of their offering. View the full animation complete with sound and voice-over here.

Explainer Sample

This next style we used may not be what you first think of when you hear the word “animation”, but this simple combination of moving text, backgrounds and live-action video clips delivers a clean, professional message while keeping the audience engaged. Get the full effect here!

Title and Transition Sample

The style we used below is sometimes referred to as a “whiteboard animation” and is a specific type of explainer video. It combines a well-written script with simplified hand-drawn images. The result is a simplified communication style that gets your audience to that “A-HA!” moment of understanding in record time. That live-action hand “drawing” everything on the whiteboard just adds to the visual magic! See the full video for yourself here.

Whiteboard Sample

As you can see, there is a wide range of possibilities for how animation or motion graphics can be used in marketing. And once created, these video assets can be used on your websites, social media, or even a digital billboard at a professional sports event. And when it comes to effective marketing, few things beat the power of motion. Here are just a few reasons animation makes a great marketing investment;

1. It Really “Draws” Attention.

Video is the ever-growing king of internet content. Social media experts continue to tell us how it catches the eye, and brain, with greater pull than just static images alone. Is it really that surprising to hear that movement is the best way to engage audiences and capture the limited attention spans of viewers?

2. It Brings Your Brand To Life & Gives It Personality.

Once you consider incorporating movement and sounds into your brand personality, you begin to uncover elements of your brand that haven’t even occurred to you before. Maybe you already have a mascot or spokes-character. . . but how does it move? What does its voice sound like? And how do those things encapsulate the spirit of your brand and its values? Adding elements of animation to your brand allow you to continue to fill out its story and strengthen it, giving the consumer more to cling to and connect with.

3. It Can Tell ANY Story You Want.

The beautiful thing about animation is that if you can dream it, we can create it. It doesn’t have to exist in the real world. That means the people in your animation can be purple and ride zebras. That means that in the animated world of marketing, fish can talk and if they can talk, they can tell a story – your story. The world of animation is your oyster and you’re not confined to finding the right on-screen talent, waiting for the sunniest day, or borrowing a live zebra for a video shoot.

4. It Maximizes Value and Return On Investment.

Marketing is a never-ending part of running a business. Because of the limitless animation styles that exist, production strategies can be used to fit almost any realistic budget. Once a visual style is defined, future projects become much more manageable and content can be changed and edited at any time – a task that can be challenging with live video without scheduling another video shoot. The length of content can also be scaled up or scaled down to a full-length explainer video or simply a GIF.

So, what are you waiting for? Make some moves with your digital marketing by making your digital marketing move!

When you work with Fuzzy Duck on an animation – or any project – we will not only help you to accomplish your immediate ask, we will work with you to ensure the project aligns with your larger brand, marketing, overarching goals and budget.

Let’s brainstorm how animation can help you tell your story in a better, more effective way.


  • Brenna Connolly

    As Fuzzy Duck’s copywriter, Brenna works diligently to make your brand voice shine. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, she honed her craft in the natural foods industry where she contributed to professional websites, industry-wide publications, and social media initiatives. Brenna has written for clothing companies and newspapers alike; she’s even edited a novel. A bona fide wordsmith, Brenna is eager to help you tell your story.