5 Logo Design Tips That Stand the Test of Time

Creating a new logo can feel like a big task! Encapsulating all the elements of your brand in one simple design is a true feat. A great logo is a distinctive and practical brand element that showcases your brand message. Easier said than done, right?! We’ve created hundreds of logos over the years from bold to understated. No matter the style, here are some of the most important things to consider to help your logo come together.

1. You want to reflect your brand’s personality.

Logos can play a huge role in determining the tone of your business. They’re often one of the first things people see before they read any of the words of your organization’s messaging. So, what’s the spirit of your brand? Playful or serious, traditional or modern, bold or understated – these ideas can make a dramatic change in the look of your logo and the perception of your brand. Devoting time to understanding your company’s culture, vision, and target audience facilitates the creation of a logo that authentically mirrors its personality.

2. How about an icon?

Sometimes, just your company name in stylized letters, called a wordmark, doesn’t quite capture the full essence of your brand. It’s important to consider all the components that will make up your logo. If the wordmark isn’t quite cutting it, incorporating an icon alongside the wordmark might do the trick. A symbol that represents your business and can appear alongside your wordmark, or even alone in some instances, can make your logo more memorable and descriptive. For example, established brands like Nike and Target leverage iconic symbols, ensuring instant recognition.

3. Go for a timeless look.

While we all fall victim to the allure of trends at one time or another, it’s best to save the trend-hopping for your shoe collection or your throw pillows, rather than your logo. You want branding that will endure the test of time! And you want to stand out in the crowd.

4. Versatility wins.

The more versatile a logo, the more you can slap it on and still maintain a cohesive brand look. Websites, stationary, signs, t-shirts, local ads – they all have constraints. You might only have so much room lengthwise, or the logo might not appear in color. We always recommend creating versions where the elements can be stacked and made square and versions without color. Planning for these instances helps your logo stay strong even in different contexts.

5. Keep it simple.

Going along with our points on versatility, sometimes logos will appear quite small, losing any delicate details you may want to include. We want your logo to pack a punch no matter the scale it’s at. By keeping your design simple in nature, it will be understood and impactful on business cards and on signage alike.

Whether embarking on the logo design process for a new business or contemplating a redesign for your current one, there are a number of considerations to account for in style and composition. Maybe you have a clear vision, or maybe you need a little further guidance. We have decades of experience translating client’s visions into logos that suit all considerations. If you need logo design help, contact us for a free consultation and get started today!