A Mother’s Dream

Book Summary

Dreams…we all have them. But there is probably no stronger dream than that of a child imagining what they want to be when they grow up. There are no limitations, no self-doubt – at least not until doubts are planted by the world, by others, or by themselves. Only then do those dreams start to fade, start to fall to the wayside, start to become “unreachable.” For most people, those childhood dreams are forgotten and are left unrealized – or ARE they?

Perhaps our childhood dreams live on in us somehow – regardless of what we end up doing – they live on in our personalities, our traits, and our daily actions. Maybe we aren’t the literal firefighter we dreamed of becoming but maybe we still possess the courage of a firefighter. And maybe that firefighter courage can be seen by others more clearly than ourselves. Maybe the fulfillment of our dreams is seen best through the eyes of our own children.

A Mother’s Dream follows the day in the life of a Mother as she shares with her daughter what she believes is her own lost dreams. But through the use of clever illustrations, we see the Mother’s literal interpretation of her dreams contrasted by her daughter’s own vision of how those dreams are actually brought to life through their daily interactions.

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Eddie Ulrich


Eddie Ulrich is the Founder and Creative Director at Fuzzy Duck, a marketing and design firm located in downtown Wayzata, MN. Eddie’s business background combinded with his love for art and storytelling has lead to many exciting opportunities including producting, art directing, and writing on projects such as screenplays, graphic novels, television pilots, and independent feature films. Eddie and his wife, Beth, have four daughters and live in Wayzata. This is Eddie’s first children’s book.

Casey Anderson


As the daughter of an art teacher and a graphic designer. It was inevitable that Casey would pursue a career in art. Inspired by the animated films she loved as a kid, she has had a passion for drawing from the very start. At age five she promised herself that she would illustrate a children’s book someday. Casey has a degree in graphic design and works as a professional illustrator.

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Writing has become an essential tool in my arsenal as a marketing professional. Telling clients’ stories in both written and visual mediums is a cornerstone of our marketing firm. Not unlike the marketing campaigns we do for our clients, I feel this book has multiple audiences as well as multiple key messages.

For the young children reading this book or having the book read to them, I hope it ignites an endless list of possibilities for their future. I hope that it encourages them to dream about who they could become, what they can do, and embrace not just one but multiple interests and talents.

For the slightly older children, I hope the story helps them see their parents in a new way and helps them realize that they too were children at one point – just like them – with dreams for the future – just like them – and numerous interests and talents – just like them.

For the adults who read this book, I hope it rekindles dreams they once had as children – even if those dreams weren’t traditionally fulfilled. And for parents specifically, I hope it helps them realize that those dreams and interests they thought were dead can actually live on in their day-to-day interaction with their children.

I also hope it provides encouragement for those at-home parents who may have left or delayed their career dreams to be home with their children and I hope this book presents that role in a positive light and conveys just how important of a job it really is.

I envision this book being read by adults to children and by doing so, sharing an experience together of personal imagination and hopefully sharing with each other the dreams they both have in their heads.