Our Process

At Fuzzy Duck, our internal motto is “Listen. Think. Create.” We use this internally as a constant reminder that even the smallest projects require these steps in order to be successful. When discussing our process with potential or existing clients, we may use some fancier words like “discovery, strategy, and implementation,” but the core meaning is still there.

In recent years, we’ve also latched onto an increasing number of analytic tools so we can better understand if what we created is really working and if so, why it is working and how are people reacting to it. With this valuable information in hand, we can begin the process all over again by “listening” to the data and coming up with different or altered strategies to implement.

As illustrated in the graphic, our process is more of a continuous cycle of discovery, strategy, implementation, analyzing, and discovering all over again. Through this process, we can really start to refine a solution to its maximum effectiveness and efficiency.