Brand Characters To The Rescue!

Fuzzy Duck Indy Sketch

Think back to your childhood memory and try and recall your favorite products or brands – most of you will recall the brand characters rather than the brand name. This is no coincidence –  and many of today’s brand leaders have embraced the power of corporate mascots to make their product and services more memorable.

Take our “Fuzzy Duck” character for example – he has served us well over the past 16 years.  Representing our brand, our services and our inner corporate personality. He has appeared on nearly all our marketing pieces and promotional materials and has ‘agreed’ to every crazy situation we choose to draw him in.  From space battles to jungle adventures, our Fuzzy Duck has performed heroically and therefore has taken on a life of his own!

Such is the life of a corporate mascot or brand character. Among other things, they can help accomplish important communication goals;

• Develop and communicate their brand’s personality.

• Build the gap between consumers and the company by continuing an ongoing presence and relationship.

• Interact with an audience without seeming like a sales person.

• Evolve with a brand as it develops and changes.

• Represent services where there are no tangible goods.

Does your brand need a character? Is your current brand character not living up to its true potential?  Visit our MascotLab page for more information on our character/mascot development services. When you are ready, please call 952-449-6800 or email for a free one hour consultation to discuss your communication goals and how a mascot can help accomplish them.

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