Ongoing SEO service consists of monitoring and suggesting/making changes to your site’s content or structure in order to maintain and improve your site’s performance. For this you can always utilize us, or a preferred SEO partner. The cost of ongoing SEO service can range in price depending on the level of monitoring and reporting you are looking for as well as the involvement of making changes to the site’s content / structure. Most small site contracts will start at $200 – $300 per month but can increase in cost along with the amount of services performed.

For most sites we would recommend not starting any SEO maintenance services for 30-60 days after the new site launch. This is simply due to the fact that it takes time for your site to be indexed by the major search engines and for changes to start appearing from the old site to the new. If your site is brand new you will want to wait 30-60 days after your site has been indexed for the first time by the major search engines.