First Twitter Promoted Moments Campaign: The Creed Movie

First Twitter Promoted Moments Campaign by Creed Movie

Twitter unveils its ‘Promoted Moments’ as a new advertising option for brands on the platform – one that the Creed movie was quick to jump on before its Thanksgiving Day debut in theaters. Creed ran its #IFightFor campaign last weekend and already has social media advertisers looking optimistically to this new visual storytelling feature on Twitter.

According to Christopher Heine, this content curation channel “has got something for everyone – viewers, media companies and brands.” In the advertising realm, Twitter Moments promises to deliver more video spots to more customers. With a multimedia ad unit called Promoted Moments, Twitter will charge brands while they appear on a channel that doesn’t require viewers to have an account to see the content. The new online advertising format also gives media players increased distribution of their content.

Twitter’s Promoted Moments offer brands and advertisers the chance to tell a complete story through this immersive and instant-load rich media format, which can be embedded across the Web and even in other apps. Previously referred to as Project Lightning, Twitter’s Promoted Moments bring curated content to the platform in an attempt by Twitter to boost the platform’s engagement levels.

Here are a few other noteworthy facts about Twitter Promoted Moments:

  • Two weeks ago Twitter unveiled its Moments feature with curated news, and the first Promoted Moments campaign ran this weekend for the upcoming movie, “Creed.”
  • Twitter Promoted Moments give marketers a channel for 24 hours to curate tweets, video and other content.
  • The ad unit is akin to native advertising in that the promoted channel will look like other Moments channels, but instead of curators choosing the content it will be the advertiser.
  • The cost for a Promoted Moment hasn’t been disclosed, but Twitter hinted it is closer to the premium pricing for Promoted Trends (around $200,000 per day), rather than that of its incremental, bid auction pricing for Promoted Tweets.
  • Twitter expects to have one Promoted Moment per day.

More information about Promoted Moments can also be found on Twitter’s blog.

After Twitter’s initial release of Promoted Moments just two weeks prior, the social media platform has been hard-at-work exploring the potential ways brands can interact with the Twitter Moments.

We expect more there to be even more changes for brands on Twitter coming soon, so be sure to check back for updates and let us know what you think at @FuzzyDuckTweets.