Fuzzy Favorites: Our Top Ads of Super Bowl LII

All eyes were on Minneapolis for the big game last Sunday, but our eyes were glued to the TV. We saw major commercial success and defeat, and now we’ve rounded up the best of the best in Super Bowl LII ads.

1. It’s a Tide Ad

Philly might have taken home the Vince Lombardi trophy, but Tide was really the winner this Super Bowl. Their tongue in cheek, meta ads were starred by everyone’s favorite Stranger Things star David Harbour AKA Chief Hopper. The well-produced spots had us asking ourselves, “Wait are we in a Tide ad?”

2. Amazon’s Alexa Loses Her Voice

This star-studded 90-second spot begins with a first-time cameo from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos before jumping to Chef Gordon Ramsey, Cardi B, Leslie Jones and Rebel Wilson just to name a few. A 6-second deadpan pause in the middle of the ad offers perfect comic timing and cost Amazon around $1 million. Plus, this ad was accompanied by an in-home experience. Ask Alexa who she thinks will win the Super Bowl and her response is complete with a raspy cough followed by the gameday stats.

3. Doritos/Mountain Dew Rap Battle

Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage faces off against Morgan Freeman in a rap battle for the ages in this combo commercial from Doritos and Mountain Dew. Original artists Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliott preside over the ensuing lyrical matchup offering back up vocals for the pair. Of all the commercials this year, we would have killed to be on this set.

4. Ram Vikings Ad

Too soon for Vikings fans? One of three Super Bowl ads from Ram, this spot shows a group of metalhead Vikings making their way to the Twin Cities for the big game just to turn around once they realize who’s playing. Either way, we love the local perspective on this ad along with the homage to Minnesota’s Nordic roots.

5. Verizon First Responders

One exception to the lighthearted tone of this year’s Super Bowl ads was this moving spot from Verizon. While other companies, like Ram, missed the mark with tone-deaf ads Verizon hit it out of the park. Coming off a Super Bowl ad hiatus, Verizon focuses on the first responders that count on their service to save lives. A stark contrast to competitor Sprint’s A.I. ad. 

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