Fuzzy Thoughts: Print in a “Digital World”

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With all this talk of “the digital age” and “digital marketing trends” we’re presented with the question-is print truly dead? Is print marketing/advertising still relevant or effective for your business strategy?


Here’s proof: in a 2015 neuromarketing study, they were able to conclude that even though digital ad content was processed more quickly, viewers spent more time on the physical print ads. They found that print ads are producing a stronger emotional response and a more memorable experience. Most significantly, the study announced that, “Physical ads triggered activity in the area of the brain (ventral striatum) that is responsible for value and desirability for featured products, which can signal a greater intent to purchase.”

If you spend some time reading about this and similar studies, and you are convinced (like us) that print advertising is still an effective medium to implement your marketing strategy, then here’s some advice for making the most of your print materials:

Be Mindful of your Message. In print it is important to not say TOO much. Limit yourself to one key message, and focus on how you want to (simply) convey that message. Empty space is OK.

Size Matters. Go big, or go home. When it comes to a print ad, the larger the ad the more attention it draws. More space also allows for less clutter, when including all the elements.

Imagery is Key. In this case, it is only an image, a photo, a graphic that is calling out to the consumer. Your image must be identifiable, entertaining and on point with your message.

Avoid the “Auto-No”. Make a genuine offer, don’t ask for commitment right away or you risk the unconscious “no”. Offer something such as a free consultation, information resource or an invite.

Call to Action. Provide all your significant company info (website, social handles, email) as a way to generate leads and to gain potential long-time followers and fans of your brand or company.

Be Consistent. Including everything along the lines of the color scheme, the word choice, the logo, as well as following an advertising strategy that reaches your target audience consistently.

Examples of effective print ads:

ft printad

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