Luncheon Lecture: From the Ducks’ Seats

Staying up to date on marketing trends is extremely important to the creative staff at Fuzzy Duck. Every member of our team shows initiative in expanding their knowledge in a number of ways. One recent example was attendance at an AIGA (American Institute of Graphics Arts) Luncheon Lecture Series event.

The first in this summer long series of events was mother-daughter duo Heather and Leslie Olson. Heather, who began her career in graphic design, is now the founder and CMO of Soladay Olson. Soladay Olson acts as a matchmaker for creatives and creative businesses including Periscope, Donovan Design and Ciceron.

Her daughter Leslie has paved her own way into the creative realm. After toying with several different career options ranging from fashion designer to professional opera singer, Leslie landed in graphic design. She currently works at Minneapolis based design agency Studio MPLS.

Leslie (left) and Heather (right) Olson

The mother-daughter relationship between the two was showcased as they contrasted the paths that led them to their current careers. Our ducks in attendance, Print Design Director Diane Borries and Digital Engagement Specialist – Christina Creel, both found key takeaways from the event. Creel said,

“Coming from the very early stages of my career, it’s interesting to hear from seasoned professionals. The advertising industry is changing daily, so learning about the evolution over years is remarkable.” Said Borries.

Borries, enjoyed the experience to network within the industry.

“The AIGA luncheon was a wonderful opportunity to hear from a well known and well respected leader in the design community and her daughter. It was also a great chance to connect with peers as well.”

Borries and Creel look on among a crowd of listeners at the June event.

Borries (middle back) and Creel (striped shirt) look on among a crowd of listeners at the June event.

No matter what avenue within marketing you take, the industry is changing, quite literally, by the minute. At Fuzzy Duck, we make every effort to keep up and change with it. Contact us for more info on how Fuzzy Duck can help you keep up with trends and stay a step ahead of the competition.