Marketing Consulting: A Fresh Perspective From The Outside Looking In

Young Life

Young Life consists of volunteer leaders who educate high school students about Jesus Christ in a relaxed, social environment. Offering weekly and monthly events, Private School Young Life was struggling to maintain a constant level of involvement with the students.

Private School Young Life came to Fuzzy Duck to help increase attendance for Young Life events. They sought outside eyes to help recognize what the solution could be.

Using Fuzzy Duck’s marketing consulting service, Young Life went from 3 attendees to over 40 in one event. Tactics used were:

• conducting an advisory board of Young Life students

• brainstorming group outings

• improving communication and implementation.

Sometimes when you are so close to the organization/business, you lose sight of what the real problem is. Marketing consulting can help fix that. Fuzzy Duck would love to help, call us at 952-449-6800 or email with any questions or to schedule an appointment.