Steve Jobs Biopic: Viral Marketing At Its Finest

Steve Jobs Biopic

If anyone knows hows to captivate an audience, it’s Steve Jobs. The upcoming biopic of Apple’s late co-founder has drawn in an unusually high level of social media buzz for your typical biopic – especially when it comes to Facebook and YouTube video views.

The Steve Jobs biopic will be released nationally on Oct. 20, and Moviepilot predicts it’s going to be a box-office hit, according to the data it mined. Check out some of the impressive stats for the film below:

    • Steve Jobs had amassed more than 20 million trailer and clip views on Facebook and YouTube in 19 days before the film’s release, a sizably bigger number than the 15 million for The Theory of Everything or the 8 million for The Imitation Game had accrued 19 days before their release.
    • On Twitter, the new release also beat out the competition, racking up around 19,000 tweets during the first week of October—nearly twice the number of The Imitation Game (9,900 tweets) and more than four times that of The Theory of Everything (4,700).
    • As for Facebook likes, Steve Jobs was nearing 289,000 by Wednesday afternoon. That’s more than twice the 124,000 likes The Theory of Everything had during the same period of time and decisively more than The Imitation Game’s total of 128,000.

To see what all of the fuss is about, watch the movie trailer for yourself: