5 Free Resources for Quick Design Projects

Are you finding yourself buried under the responsibility of creating a large amount of graphics and social posts? Do you often find yourself in a creative block trying to write something inspiring and highly engaging? Something that hasn’t been said or posted before? Well… you’re not alone! Every creative or social media manager will hit that wall from time to time. It’s important to research, curate and use the vast amount of resources that are available to us.

So, in this blog post I will be listing out my favorite resources that I have used over the past several years. I’m all about the FREE resources, and keeping up with the current digital marketing trends that are constantly changing.

Creative Market

I LOVE Creative Market! The contributors are so talented and there really is an endless amount of high quality resources here. You can search for a specific need that you have be it a font, photo, graphics, hand drawn elements, templates, web themes, the list goes on and on. You can purchase everything, but every week Creative Market gives away SIX FREE GOODS! I have used a ton of these goods creating graphics and social posts over the years and you will NOT be disappointed. So, head over to Creative Market, sign up and start collecting those FREE GOODS weekly!


I can’t say enough good things about Unsplash. FREE HI-RES photos! As a social media manager, curating hi-res photos for posts is invaluable! At Unsplash, you can use the search tool, or you can browse through collections. There are thousands of photos available, so you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re a photographer, you can also upload your photos for others to download and use. Get over to Unsplash and curate those photos for your creative needs!


I discovered BeFonts a few years ago and fell in love with the layout of the site. I love being able to search for a font type and scrolling through the fonts which are artfully displayed. This allows me to really see how a font will look when creatively applied to a graphic or social post. Most fonts are free and each font gives a description, licence available, examples of typeface application and link for download. If you like to see fonts applied in a more creative manner before downloading, then definitely give Befonts a try!


If you’re a creative, you know about DaFont. Dafont has been around for a long time and personally, I have been using it for years. What’s great about DaFont is you can click on the theme type that you want, (i.e. script, sans serif, fixed width, etc.) then type in the preview box the text that you are trying to find the right font for. This is a fantastic tool to help you quickly locate the right font for your text. There are other search options available also, which really help you find exactly what you’re looking for.


I discovered Canva a couple of years ago as an ios app. I was working a lot on the go and I needed something where I could create quick, beautiful social posts without having to curate fonts and photos on the fly. Canva met and exceeded my needs. Canva makes it so easy from start to finish. Simply pick the template you need, change or add text, backgrounds, elements and you’re done! Canva is FREE, but you can also upgrade your free account for additional features. Need to design quickly or on the go? Check out Canva! Canva is also available on desktop. 😉

What design resources do you use? Let us know. Looking for ideas on how to improve your social media marketing or graphic designs? Contact us and we’d love to help you out!

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