A Delicious Look at Menu Design


I love food. Wholesome food. Savory food. Even not-so-healthy-for-you food. Every August, I strategize my food consumption at the Minnesota State Fair, often making multiple trips in order to satiate my hunger for deep-fried foods. Do you need a donut recommendation? If so, I’m your gal. Knowing all this, I guess I’m lucky to work for a company that has a wonderful connection to the hospitality industry. So, grab a snack, settle in, and let’s take a look at some menus that Fuzzy Duck has had a hand in designing. 

When it comes to menu design, there’s a lot that is involved in our process including engineering the content to feature the desired items – but that’s probably worthy of it’s own article. So, for the purposes of this post, let’s focus specifically on the visual design aspects – the eye candy. Below is just a snapshot of some memorable menu designs.

The Pickled Parrot

Those that remember this old Minneapolis gem, know just how FUN the Pickled Parrot was! This Caribbean-themed spot was full of personality, so it was only fitting to have a menu that matched its character. Each panel featured colorful custom illustrations and the typeface was fun and breezy to help tie it all together.


George & the Dragon

George & the Dragon is an English-style pub in the heart of southwest Minneapolis. Our work with them began with the development of their logo, then the creation of their menu layout. Unique frames are used to highlight the food categories and serif typefaces were used for a crisp, clean feel that completes the classic look.


Kokomo’s Island Café

Much like the Pickled Parrot, Kokomo’s was a Caribbean-inspired concept located at the Mall of America. It was bright and colorful. Fuzzy Duck created unique illustrated tiki characters and tropical backgrounds to help showcase the island fare. The typefaces were dynamic and colorful.


CōV Wayzata

CōV Wayzata is a lakeside restaurant inspired by the East Coast locales of Nantucket and the Hamptons. A soft linen pattern in a neutral shade provides the backdrop for the menu. Minimal typefaces are used to organize the content and provide a relaxed, laid-back, and easy-to-read presentation.


Ike’s Food and Cocktails – Downtown Minneapolis

Stepping into Ike’s was like stepping back in time. Mahogany doors with portal windows, beautiful terrazzo floors, along with chrome and glass which provided a classic yet contemporary atmosphere. Ike’s menu was bright and utilized typefaces and graphics reminiscent of yesteryear.


Baja Haus

California beach life meets Wayzata! This menu is full of color and character, complementing the party-like restaurant atmosphere. Blocks of bright colors help organize the content, while a variety of typefaces help emphasize the beachy, carefree vibe.



This is just a sampling of the restaurant work that Fuzzy Duck has done over the years. As you can see, menu design can be a great opportunity to embrace the brand, complement the environment, and help enhance the patron’s experience. 

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And if you’re still hungry for more of our designs done for the hospitality industry, check out this collection of work: Fuzzy Duck Restaurant Collection