A Look Back at 2018

2018 was a productive year for Fuzzy Duck and our clients! We had the privilege to work with so many incredible people on some challenging and exciting projects and we had a lot of fun doing it!

During 2018, Fuzzy Duck was was able to help new businesses get up and running, craft some stories for some amazing organizations and use our creativity and expertise to assist in the areas of social media, illustration, print campaigns, infographics, explainer videos, and so much more!

Take a look at what we were up to last year

  • 38 New Client Accounts Established
  • 137 Print Campaigns/Projects Completed
  • 14 NEW Websites Launched
  • 29 Motion Graphic Projects Created
  • 1,000’s of Illustrations Drawn
  • 1,000’s of Logo Concepts Created
  • 2,404 Social Media Posts
  • Over $45,000 of Pro-Bono Work Done
  • Celebrated Fuzzy Duck’s 25th Anniversary!
Fuzzy Duck a Look Back at 2018

Some of Our Team’s Favorite Projects

  • Eddie, “Picking a favorite project for me is like picking a favorite child. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed the creative strategy discussions I have with clients. They involve a lot of energy, passion and humor. And in most cases, the ideas or realizations that come from those meetings (or what I call “light bulb moments”) is what drives marketing decisions moving forward – and that’s exciting for me.”
  • Jared, “2018 brought a lot of rapid changes to the digital marketing world. From search engine ranking changes to new PPC features, I loved working with our ecommerce clients to adapt to the changes while continuing to push toward their marketing and sales goals. While I can’t say that I have a favorite, it is always great working with Dream Duffel, RestoreX, and all of our ecommerce clients.”
  • Courtney, “There were so many great projects that I was able to be a part of this year! My favorite projects include most of our great start-up companies we were able to help create and bring their vision to life. This includes Jane August, Owl & the Octopus & Main Street Floral.”
  • Diane, “Looking back on 2018, I had the opportunity to work on several amazing projects; however, one in particular stands out. An existing client, Pentair, approached us to help create branding for the benefits group at their new sister company, nVent. Once completed, the branding was applied to both print and electronic employee communications. What I enjoyed most is seeing the project from the very beginning stages to implementation of the final look into various pieces needed by the benefits group.”
  • Amanda, “I really enjoyed working with many clients developing their websites last year. I had a lot of fun building new plugins and themes in WordPress and working with the google maps javascript API. Some of my favorite sites I got to work on are Humor to Fight the Tumor, American Fish and Seafood, The Owl and the Octopus, and Ike’s Food and Cocktails.”
  • Lauren, “I had a blast bringing the Culinary Express veggies to life! Using their natural shapes and colors to build up their unique personalities. I also enjoyed giving a cartoony face to The Owl and the Octopus and Marvel Sewer and Drain! People, animals, food,… anything can have a personality!”
  • CJ, “I have really enjoyed working with The Owl and the Octopus toy store, stopping in and taking photos and creating fun, colorful social media posts. I also love working with CōV Restaurants. Creating engaging posts and keeping the conversation going is always exciting.”
  • Gal, “I enjoyed looking at the branding process of The Owl and The Octopus. Although I am not directly involved in the process, it was very exciting and fun watching the characters’ being drawn, getting their own names and personalities. It’s pretty fun watching it all come to life!”

As our team reminisced about the past year, we realized just how much we had accomplished, acknowledged we couldn’t have done it without the collaborative efforts of our entire team and expressed gratitude for the opportunities we were provided and the trust our clients had shown in us. We’re looking forward to more exciting challenges in 2019 and we’re already off to a roaring start.

Is your business looking for marketing assistance this year? 2019 is off to a successful start and we’d love for your business to be a part of it! Let Fuzzy Duck assist your business in 2019 and beyond. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.