Asking The Right Marketing Questions

Business man pondering.

The common marketing question that many businesses want answered is, “What is the best way to market my business?” There is no magic answer to this question. Each business is different and requires a personalized marketing plan. There are, however, some common steps to the successful marketing of a business.

At Fuzzy Duck Design these are some of the approaches we take when working with our clients:
  1. Ask yourself questions
    Who are my customers? Who is my ideal customer? What can I offer my customers? Why do they choose my business over my competitors? What are my top selling services/products? What do my customers say about my business?
  2. Find your unique selling proposition (USP)
    Chances are your customers can get a very similar service or product they are looking for from one of your competitors. You need to find a business feature and turn it into a unique benefit.
  3. Develop a strategy
    You may have a great idea – but the idea is useless unless it fits into your overall strategy. Your strategy should include a target market, objectives, tactics, and your USP.
  4. Monitor your results
    Know where your marketing money is going and where you are getting the best return on your investment. After each quarter, you can analyze the results of your strategy and make necessary adjustments to maximize results.
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