Before You Register for that Tradeshow…


Tradeshows can be an effective and efficient way of reaching your goals for both consumer and B2B scenarios. However, they can also be expensive failures if you don’t do your homework before you register. Even if you are only planning to attend because your competition will be there, you still want to make the most of your company’s dollars, right? Once you have established your goals (lead generation, on-site sales etc.), ask yourself these six questions to help you make an informed decision as to whether this tradeshow will be worth the expense.

Who will attend this tradeshow?

Use the event website and registration materials to determine who is expected to attend this event. Even if it looks like the right audience (i.e. consumer vs. B2B, corporations vs. small business, pet lovers vs. taxidermists, etc.), remember, the event organizer wants you to be there. Talk to someone familiar with the event, look for online reviews or photos from the event, and try to establish if the event has met expectations in previous years.

What is the scale of this tradeshow?

Tradeshows can range from community events with a standard 10′ x 10′ booth and 8-foot tables to large-scale corporate events with amazing custom booths. Choose a tradeshow that is not only within your budget, but where you can create a respectable presence.

What is my key message and how will I communicate that?

Stratford 360

An informative pull up banner created by Fuzzy Duck.

Be clear with yourself on your key messaging and make sure it comes across in your branding and materials. For example, if you are a photographer attending a wedding show, make sure the majority of your images reflect that portion of your business; don’t try to show that you can do everything. Invest some dollars in creating a display that will stand out and attract attention. For example, see how this informative pull up banner was used to convey a message.

What should be my key takeaways?

EliteMed Scribes Handout

EliteMed Scribes hired Fuzzy Duck to create an educational flyer.

Each attendee will visit a large number of booths and some of them will likely have similar products or services to offer. Make sure your offerings are the most memorable by having a quality takeaway, whether it is printed collateral or a small gift. EliteMed Scribes requested Fuzzy Duck to create a handout that would educate their potential customers.

How will I get my target customers to come to my booth?


Tabletop display design by Fuzzy Duck, utilized at an Innovation Business Competition.

Design your display to appeal to your target audience. Try to incorporate something that will set you apart from your competition. An interactive game, a 3D display, live animals, free samples… you get the idea. Fuzzy Duck client, Jason Goux, utilized this tabletop display design for an Innovation Business Competition where he won the Light Bulb Award.

How will I measure the success of this tradeshow?

Decide what you want to accomplish before you even register. Is data collection your primary goal? Do you want people to try your product? Do you need to sell 100 subscriptions to your monthly food club in order to justify your expenses? The more specific

nd focused your goals are, the easier it will be to prepare yourself for success and identify areas of improvement for next time.

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