Brand Consistency

City West Branding

Can you guess what the #1 rule of marketing is? The answer is…brand consistency! Brand consistency provides your business with a cohesive tone, image, and personality. Every aspect of your business should reflect the same brand image; from your logo, to your marketing materials, and even your employees.

Brand consistency is the #1 rule for a reason: it allows for brand recognition. Your customers should be able to connect your marketing materials with your brand; otherwise your efforts will go to waste.

How do you know if your brand is consistent? Here are some questions that will get you thinking about your brand’s consistency:

1.    Does your logo reflect your brand name and service/products?
2.    Does your website accurately portray your brand?
3.    Do you use a consistent color theme in all of your marketing materials?
4.    Does your brand have a personality?
5.    If you removed your brand name and logo from your marketing materials, would your customers know it was from your business?

Not sure if your business has a consistent brand? Feel free to call us at 952-449-6800 or email today for a free one hour consultation and discussion to get some great feedback. Make sure your brand is living up to its potential.