Social Media Services

Social Media Contest Management

Fuzzy Duck Design offers social media marketing! Many clients have shown interest in establishing a larger presence on the Internet and with these services we can help you accomplish just that.

Social media marketing is providing businesses with a new way to build relationships with customers and get their business noticed. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others can be valuable sites to market your business and create a strong brand personality.

Here is a look at our social media packages and a la carte options that are available for your business. Don’t see an option that fits your company? Contact us and we would love to talk with you about your business needs!

Design Package

This service is designed for those who want to hit the “start” button and quickly get their social media accounts and a visual presence established on two primary social media sites where they can take it from there.
-Creation of 2 social media accounts (Twitter + Facebook)
-Standard Twitter skin with logo
-Basic Facebook Welcome Page
-Linkage of social media accounts

Design & Launch Package

Businesses in need of more than just a foot in the door to social media may have a need for higher levels of service and support to launch their social media presence.
-Creation of up to 3 social media accounts (Twitter + Facebook + 1)
-Standard Twitter skin with logo
-Facebook Welcome Page
-Linkage of social media accounts
-Development of a unique social media strategy plan
-Two training sessions about how to manage and maintain your social media presence

Design, Launch & Drive Package

The choice to add social media to your marketing plan is a commitment that takes time and resources. If your business lacks the time and resources required to build and maintain your social media presence then this package is for you. This is a service and support package geared towards designing, developing and driving your social media presence.
-Up to 3-4 social media accounts
-Standard Twitter skin with logo
-Facebook Welcome Page
-Linkage of social media accounts
-Development of a unique social media strategy plan
-Market research support and insights
-Bi-weekly reports back on progress of accounts
-Weekly content management including 3-5 posts per week per account for 2 months after all social media accounts have been launched

-Two training sessions about how to manage and maintain your social media presence

A la Carte

Below you will find a list of options of Social Media services. Please choose which service best fits your needs.

Twitter –see options below
Creation of one Twitter account
-Creation of account
-Basic business information plug-in (bio, general information)
-Add graphic for picture/thumbnail
-Standard Twitter branding with logo only

          Upgrade to Custom Twitter Skin (complete visual background) 
A customized Twitter skin layout is an upgrade from a standard layout. Creating a custom skin for your Twitter account means developing a unique design or illustration just for your business. It is adding a unique and personable touch that will go above what others have.

Facebook –see options below
Creation of one Facebook account
-Creation of account
-Basic business information plug-in (bio, general information)
-Add graphic for profile picture
-Add pictures / events

Custom Facebook Welcome Page
Attract the eye of viewers by having a customized, personal welcome page for new spectators. A welcome page creates a first impression of your brand and invites viewers to ‘like’ your page. A custom welcome page goes above and beyond a traditional Facebook page.

Tabs organize your Facebook page to allow additional information for viewers to see. Tabs enhance and upgrade profiles from their competitors. Tabs range in involvement and complexity.

Profile Consultation – see option below

This option is for those who already have a social media presence and need help making their account stand out, get it organized or establish a plan to maximize its effectiveness.

A profile review will result in looking at your current web presence, create goals, recommend improvements and look at competitors. The specific goals are to increase the impact of a social media presence and improve its ability to attract new audience members.

Training –see option below
Social Media Initiation 3 pack
Three one-hour 1:1 social media training sessions
*Training sessions may include all or some of the following content
-Overview background and influence of social media and marketing
-Basic training on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
-Introduction to social media management tools (Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc.)
*Content will be determined based on the skill level of the client

Continuing Content Managementsee options below

           Level 1: Posting Services “Conversation Starter”
We will post 100-150 communications per month between networks. This will include specific relative content, 80% informational and 20% promotional but with no interaction (responding back).

          Level 2: Content/Interaction Management “Relationship Builder”
This service includes all Posting Services, but includes responding back, interacting and always being the last comment of the conversation.

Social Media Contest Creation/Management Campaign
All the things listed below will be included in the Contest Campaign. Further detail will occur once client has approved proposal.

Design of Contest Micro Site
Development of Rules
Formation of Terms & Agreement for Contest
Initial Introduction Email/Document to Agents
Agent Script
Open Communication with Agents
Custom Facebook Contest Tab
Capturing of Email Data
Weekly Excel Reports
Management of Weekly Winner Selection
Custom Winner Template to be sent via Email

Fuzzy Duck will manage and handle all contest criteria/feedback.