The Revolution of Social Media

Social Media Icons

As many of you have realized by now, we are living through a social media revolution. This revolution is changing the way that businesses work as well as their relationships with their customers. So, why exactly is social media important?

  • Social media marketing allows your business to gain a unique personality that directly interacts with your customers.
  • Consumers are now pulling information that they are interested in, rather than the traditional method where businesses push out information to certain audiences.
  • Social media makes it possible for your business to continue communicating with existing and potential customers.
  • You can generate new and exciting buzz about your business

Don’t be fooled by the misconception that social media marketing can only be applied to a young audience; Internet usage is increasing in every demographic group and if your social media efforts are strategically implemented, you will see great results. According to eMarketer, 36% of small businesses plan on using social media to grow their business in 2010; will you be one of those businesses?

And for fun, here are some of our favorite uses of social media:

Social Media Addicts Association Meeting

Coca-cola Happiness Machine