Brand Patterns: Perhaps The Most Versatile Way To Extend Your Branding

A strong visual aesthetic is powerful way to build brand recognition and be memorable in our brand-saturated world. Having a selection of visual brand elements that you can use throughout all of your content goes a long way toward achieving that goal. The more brand elements you have, the more you can mix and match them! One key asset in your brand toolbox, in addition things like your logo and its variations and your brand color palette, is a brand pattern. Brand patterns are versatile enhancers of your core visual brand elements. A well-done brand pattern looks premium while delivering immense value.

What is a brand pattern?

A brand pattern is exactly what it sounds like! It is a pattern or series of patterns that are used to represent your business within your overall branding. There are a lot of different elements that can come into play: fonts, color, or even your company’s core values.

Each brand pattern should be unique; they’re a great way to set your brand apart from other businesses. For example, when you think of Burberry, do you picture their logo? Or the iconic plaid pattern that they use to tie all of their branding together? Luxury clothing companies are brand pattern pros!

Current Burberry Logo
Iconic Burberry Check Pattern

The benefits of a brand pattern

Just like patterned wallpaper or clothing, the idea is to create visual interest and add to your clients’ overall experience. It adds greater depth to your brand. A pattern creates an immediate emotional connection with your audience by incorporating recognizable visual assets that pair with your messaging.

  • Visually tell your story: Key imagery can point back to your services, mission, or values within the scope of your brand tone.
  • Extend your brand across all touch points: Their versatility can bring your branding most anywhere – your website, social media, even your physical office! Your pattern can create subtle nods to your brand beyond your logo’s reach.
  • Deepen your breadth of visual elements: Branded content is easier to assemble when you have more to work with!
Quilted Northern uses a branded pattern to enhance this ad, as well as on their packaging, and (not pictured), on their product.
Another brand pattern you may be familiar with – a Tootsie Pop wrapper!

How are they created?

Well-designed patterns add depth and extend your branding by telling a story about your brand and its foundational imagery. They infuse your work with personality. Patterns can be created by repeating existing visual elements of your brand (á la Fendi) or with tonally related yet distinct shapes that contribute to your overall brand (á la Versace). And those are just two possibilities!

There are many approaches to cultivating an overall visual tone. A pattern with lots of organic shapes might feel more whimsical while using more linear elements can create a pattern that’s clean and modern. Patterns can be simple or complex. Regardless of the approach, the custom pattern should be built around you and your brand attributes.

Gucci's GG Pattern
Versace's Barocco Pattern
Fendi's FF Pattern

Where are brand patterns used?

As far as applications go, the sky’s the limit! A pattern can bring focus to a section of your website by differentiating that section from a typical block of color. It can add texture to your packaging, your business cards, your sales presentations. Use your pattern to enhance your social media graphics, sell sheets, apparel, office decor, and promotional products.

Here are a few ways brand patterns have enhanced our client work:

If your brand needs a boost, a brand pattern is a great way to add some personality while staying consistent with your business’s visual aesthetic. To start exploring what a brand pattern could look like for your business, let’s talk.


  • Brenna Connolly

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  • Kelsey Dutton

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