Business as Usual?

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What changes are needed to survive in an uncertain future.

2020 has proved to be a challenging year for businesses. I don’t think anyone could’ve come close to guess what this year would hold for businesses or how we would all adapt. We have had to think outside the box and develop new ways to continue to operate our businesses. Many of us have had to learn to work remotely and figure out ways to still have team meetings. Right now everything looks different than it did at the start of the year and it has often been a time of high-stress and confusion. 

However, I think we can all agree that we have learned a lot. We have figured out how to do business differently so that we could remain open or re-open when mandates allowed. We have taken extra health precautions to provide healthy work environments for employees and clients and changed our advertising strategies to maintain business operations and maintain revenue.

A new normal?

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Now that businesses across the country are beginning to slowly re-open the question remains… Is it business as usual? I think we can all answer that question with a resounding “No.” Nothing is the same as it was six months ago. Business leaders are doing things differently now and guess what… it’s working! So, if this is the new normal, I encourage you to embrace it.

Anytime that we’re thrown a major challenge, we’re forced to problem solve and figure out ways to succeed. Every one of us has seen many businesses, especially restaurants, figure out new ways to operate and many of these restaurants have seen incredible support in their communities. They have been able to remain in operation while also maintaining revenue and for some, increasing their revenue. They were faced with a major problem and have figured out how to survive – and in some cases, thrive.

This isn’t necessarily the case for all businesses. Unfortunately, we have seen an incredible number of small businesses forced to close their doors permanently due to the pandemic, government-mandated quarantine, and the strict re-opening guidelines. It has been a very trying time for most communities around the globe and the lasting effect that this will have on our communities and economy is heartbreaking.

What should businesses do?

I think we can all agree that 2020 has taught us to be flexible with the way we do business and the way we think about doing business. Sometimes, the best thing a business can do during these challenging times is to review and potentially restructure its business strategy. This includes everything from changes in day to day operations, website redesign, to an increased social media presence. If your business has not started to make some strategic adjustments, then now may be the time.

None of us have any idea what the rest of this year or even next year will look like for small and large businesses. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the economy can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye without warning. Best business practice is to stay prepared by remaining flexible and open to new ideas and business strategies. There’s an old business saying – hope for the best, prepare for the worst. Well, I don’t think many people were prepared for this.  But now that we’re here, here’s a few tips on how to deal with the unexpected;

1. Reach out to fellow business owners.

Reach out to fellow business owners and find out what they’re doing differently to continue business operations. Support and learn from each other. With 7 billion people in the world, there’s room for all businesses big and small. It’s time to stop competing and start collaborating.

2. Research online for specific tactics that apply specifically to your industry.

Research online for specific tactics that apply specifically to your industry. Oftentimes, viewing other business’ websites and social media accounts will give you an idea of what is working in your field and what isn’t.

3. Contact your local marketing agency.

Contact your local marketing partner (if you don’t have one – contact Fuzzy Duck). We’re here to develop marketing strategies to overcome our clients’ challenges. During our 26 plus years, we have worked with just about every type of business and industry. As you read this, our team is helping businesses just like yours to solve problems and increase revenue for their businesses.


We understand that thinking outside of the box and trying to creatively restructure your business strategy is not an easy task. It can be incredibly overwhelming and can take time to implement. But if you’re ready to try something new and you’re not sure where to start, give Fuzzy Duck a call to set up a FREE consultation. 

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