Small Business and COVID-19


What Small Businesses Need to Know to Continue Operation

With the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on the world, many small businesses are left having to shut their doors temporarily and in some cases, permanently. As a small business, what steps should you be taking to mitigate risk and keep business running as smoothly as possible? Here are a few tips to help your business get through this unprecedented time.

1. Reassure your customers.

If your business is a B2B and has a vast small business base like us here at Fuzzy Duck, or if you are a small business owner, then I’m sure that you have been busy fielding calls and doing everything you can to help your clients navigate through all of this.

Reassure your customers that you will do everything possible to continue to provide service, but also remind them that you are trying to figure out and settle into a new normal also. We are all in this together and it hasn’t been easy or seamless. With new restrictions and updates coming in daily it certainly hasn’t been easy to adapt to the ever-changing “normal”. The more reassurance we can give clients that we are all doing what we can, the better.

2. If possible, work remotely.

With the new Stay Home and Social Distancing orders in place, it’s probably not wise to have your team all come into the workplace every day. And if you’re in a state that has called a Shelter In Place order, then all “non-essential” workers HAVE to work remotely.

Everyone is feeling the stress and urgency to be prepared, stay healthy, and stay home. This is a not-so-easy concept for most Americans, especially for businesses that rely on teams to work together in a building or employees that have several client meetings each week.

Thankfully, we live in a time with Wi-Fi and a plethora of team app options that make working remotely easier and more efficient. Instant messaging and video conferencing are essential to keep your team connected and “in the loop” with on-going projects.

Check out these options to make working remotely easier for your team:




Google Hangouts

3. Prepare your business for the long haul.

None of us know when we will get back to the real normal or when this quarantine will end. Due to the uncertainty of it all, it’s best to prepare your business for the long haul. Evaluate your business weekly and even daily in some cases. What’s working? What isn’t working? And make changes as necessary.

Don’t be afraid to try new tactics to draw business in, but keep your target market at the forefront. Also, keep in mind that most people are at home now and will be stuck there for a while. Think about what you can offer to help your customers out during this time. Be creative and innovative. Now is the perfect time to try something new!

4. Keep it clean.

There will be times however that your team members will have to come into the office and possibly clients also. Be sure to practice social distancing along with good cleaning and disinfecting procedures. Remind your team and anyone who comes into your business that their health is of utmost importance and you are following the established guidelines to ensure proper cleanliness.

Take a look at this infographic for guidance:



This is an unprecedented time for all businesses, this country, and the world. We all have to work together to stay healthy and keep our businesses running the best we can.

If you’d like to learn more about how to implement new strategies for your business, contact Fuzzy Duck today!

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