Explainer Videos Are As Effective As They Are Popular

In recent years, video content has skyrocketed, and right along with it so has video marketing. It can be an exceptionally captivating and powerful medium! From viral TikToks to the ads interrupting our YouTube binges, videos both long and short have exploded across desktop and mobile internet browsers. It’s predicted that this year, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic — that’s 15 times greater than traffic in 2017 (Cisco). All this to say, if you aren’t captivating your audience with video, someone else is.

What’s An Explainer Video?

In the world of video marketing, explainer videos are a compelling tool for introducing your company, products, or services to an audience. In 60 to 90 seconds, an explainer video aims to entertain, inform, and direct your audience to take the next step you’d like them to. Their goal is to present a concept, maybe even one that is complex, in a straightforward and engaging way. It’s an excellent opportunity to show a little brand personality and (re)introduce yourself.

A 2022 study details that 96% of people report watching an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. Even more compelling, 88% of people say an explainer video has swayed them to make a purchase.

Fuzzy Duck has years of experience creating effective explainer videos, especially ones with concepts that seem a little complicated at first. We love a challenge and are eager to help you share your vision with the world. Consumers are enjoying this content; we say give the people what they want!

Styles of Explainer Videos

There are a number of different style-routes that you could take for an explainer video! Videos can be partially or fully animated in 2D or 3D animation, utilize motion graphics, come to life using the whiteboard-style of animation, or even be fully live-action. The style selected should best represent the personality and tone of your own brand. It should also take into account your budget. For example, the most popular style of explainer videos is animation because it often provides clients the best value for the cost. Our designers can create all kinds of beautiful and brilliant worlds through their imagination and original illustrations. At Fuzzy Duck, we will work with you to find a style that best suits your company and your desired outcomes.

The Creation Process of An Explainer Video

1. Writing a Winning Script

The basis of any good explainer video is a great script. The script should lay out an entertaining narrative that addresses your most frequently asked questions and a majority of consumer pain points around your offering. Whatever the tone – lighthearted or serious – it should be attention-grabbing. 

Part of what makes explainer videos so effective is the dual-power combo of audio AND visuals. The two components come together to convey ideas in a simple and understandable way. The combination of the two is proven to increase message retention. In order to pack a punch with the animation, the script has to first be top-notch.

2. Storyboarding It Out

After a solid script is nailed down, the visual process begins. Each line from the script is matched with visuals, whether illustrations, photos, or word art, as our animators construct a storyboard. Whatever the style of video, the visuals should flow together to tell a dynamic story that’s layered over the expertly compelling script.

3. Making It Move

Once the storyboard is approved, the visual components will be strung together in full. This means that they will be transformed from a storyboard or disjointed clips to full-blown moving pictures. Transitions will be added so that the images will work together in time with the voice saying the script. It’s fun when the pieces all start to come together!

4. Adding the Audio

A talented voice actor matching your intended tone and style will then record your voiceover. We’ll make sure they nail any tricky pronunciations and will trim the recording to align with the video timing. Finishing touches are added to make sure everything flows well and the explainer video is then complete! Ta-da!

Explainer videos can feature in tons of places, from social media, to a website’s home page, to a display at a tradeshow. Make your pitch, answer FAQs, and acknowledge customer hesitations without ever opening your mouth. Let a well-crafted, professional video do the explaining!

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  • Brenna Connolly

    As Fuzzy Duck’s copywriter, Brenna works diligently to make your brand voice shine. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, she honed her craft in the natural foods industry where she contributed to professional websites, industry-wide publications, and social media initiatives. Brenna has written for clothing companies and newspapers alike; she’s even edited a novel. A bona fide wordsmith, Brenna is eager to help you tell your story.