Fuzzy Duck Featured in Sun Sailor for Creative Branding of Local Organization


The following is an excerpt from an article written by Kim Anderson for the Sun Sailor. To read the article in it’s entirety, CLICK HERE.

In the four years since I joined the Wayzata Heritage Preservation Board, the most common question I hear is, “Is that the same as the Wayzata Historical Society?” It’s not, “What do you do?” or “I’ve read about your work” or “Are you involved in [insert name of historic site/project in town]”, but rather, confusion over who we even are.

This was the exact reason I found myself on the porch of Fuzzy Duck, a local design and marketing firm located just a block from the lake, telling Eddie Ulrich, owner and messaging strategist, about who the Heritage Preservation Board is, (the HPB, as we call ourselves) who its members are and about the work we do within the community.

It helped that Fuzzy Duck and the HPB weren’t strangers. In 2013, Eddie and Beth Ulrich had recently purchased a combination commercial/residential property in Wayzata, which they planned to use as a new home for their established Fuzzy Duck business. They happily accepted the invitation from the HPB to receive a Centennial Home Award, as the home was celebrating its 100th birthday.

Eddie listened intently and made numerous notes as we talked about the historic and heritage sites around Wayzata, how our work differs from the Historical Society (the HPB focuses more on existing historical structures, while the Historical Society’s scope includes this and much more). He understood the challenges that a preservation board faces in a community that is bursting with development, where residents reminisce about the old days and sense of small-town charm that sometimes feels lost, while at the same time we strive to look ahead toward progress. The challenge for the HPB is to somehow strike the balance between preserving a past that can coexist with a reality of growth and progress in the future. Eddie and his team at Fuzzy Duck clearly got it.

The HPB would like to thank Eddie Ulrich, Danielle Ingvarsson and the entire team at Fuzzy Duck for their excitement, willingness to partner and ability to create out of our words, work, successes and challenges, a new logo and brand that we believe will help define and identify the Wayzata Heritage Preservation Board and our work in the community now and for years to come.

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