Google Ads is Improving Advertiser Transparency

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Who is Behind Google Ads?

Google Ads announced a change in their platform policies in April of 2020. This change requires the verification of the identity of advertisers using Google Ads.

The goal of this change is to improve consumer confidence and trust in the ads they are being served. Going forward, select ads will include a disclosure section that includes the name and country of the advertiser behind them.

Which Ads Will Feature Advertiser Disclosure?

In the future, almost all ads will feature advertiser disclosure. This change is being phased in, so don’t expect to see it on everything right away. Google is likely focusing on regulated industries first before rolling out to other sections.

Types of Ads included in Advertiser Identity Verification:

  • Promotion of products, goods, and services.
    Examples: Retail, media and entertainment, travel, B2B, technology, etc.
  • Promotion of information, advisory, or education content.
    Examples: Content promoting educational resources, research and statistics, free health or financial advice, charitable or social causes, etc.
  • Promotion of content related to regulated industries.
    Examples: Gambling and games, financial products or services, healthcare products or services etc.


Advertiser Identity Verification Process

Advertisers can start their verification through their Google Ads account. The verification requires the submission of documentation, which will vary based on the country of the advertiser.

In some cases, the identification of the advertiser and the managing company may be required. It isn’t clear yet whether the agency or the client’s identity will be displayed in the advertiser disclosures.

Here is an example of what it may look like:

Verification Document Requirements – US

Currently, advertisers in the United States would need to provide one of several possible documents.

Organizations are required to submit one of the following registration documents for advertiser identity verification. Acceptable documents include:

  • W9 form
  • Any IRS-issued letter or notice (not IRS forms) showing your name, address and EIN (i.e. CP 575)
  • DUNS certificate

Organizations may also provide their Employer Identification Number. 

Individuals and authorized representatives must submit a US government-issued photo ID as part of the verification program. Acceptable documents include: 

  • Passport
  • State identification
  • Driving license
  • Permanent resident card or Green card

The Deadline for Verification is Approaching

Communications from Google Ads have requested some advertisers to start their verification process by September 24, 2021. So if you have not started your verification process, now is definitely the time to start.


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