Is Your Small Business Worth It?


Investments You Can’t Afford Not To Make

How much is too much? How little is enough? How do I know what to invest in branding and marketing? These are all common questions small businesses ask themselves. What they do know is that every dollar spent and investment made needs to be worth it and make a difference by creating more sales or helping their company grow. 

Here at Fuzzy Duck, we want to make sure that every investment our clients make with us is worth it to them and has a positive impact on their business. Recently, we chatted with a small business owner of ours to find out if his investment was worth it and how it impacted his business. 

Meet Chris of Simply Gutters, a small independent gutter business in the Twin Cities area. We picked his brain about the process that led him to take the leap and invest in branding and a professional website for his business. And more importantly, we also asked… was it worth it?

Chris started Simply Gutters back in March of 2017 when he decided to leave a larger company and start his own independent company. Most of his business came from referrals through local advertising and social media. He knew he needed to grow his business to become more successful and create stability, as well as create a name that represented his company more professionally. 

Chris knew he had a lot of work to do when it came to his branding and he knew he needed a better website but he also knew he needed to be smart with his money and figure out exactly what was going to help his business be successful.

When he was first introduced to Fuzzy Duck, he was impressed with the quality of our work, and after meeting with the Fuzzy Duck team, going over ideas, brainstorming, and talking about the possibilities – he felt he had the right partner to help him accomplish his goals.

Pulling the Trigger

Again, as a small business, spending money is the hardest part. Questions run through your head… Will it be worth it? Should I try and find a cheaper way to do it? Should I try and do it myself? These are all fair questions. At Fuzzy Duck, we try to help our clients put things into perspective. 

For example, if someone needs new gutters… the materials are all at the hardware store, you can probably find installation instructions online, and they may even own a ladder. But should they do it themselves? Do they have the expertise? What happens when they screw up and it doesn’t work? Money, time, and sanity are wasted and the job still isn’t done. What Chris and many of our clients come to realize is that some things are best left to the professionals. Professionals you can trust to do it right – which allows you to stay focused on what you do best.

“I’ve learned over time that there are just things you need to leave to the professionals and let them do it so it can be done right.”

Chris, Simply Gutters

The Results

You finally take the plunge, the work is done, and in Chris’ case, he couldn’t have been happier.

“It was the hardest money I have ever spent but it was worth every penny and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I can now focus on my work and let the website work for itself. I get compliments daily on my branding, truck wraps, and website. I instantly noticed that the type of clientele I was getting had completely changed. Our business went from looking like a small ‘mom and pop’ business that would give them the cheapest quote, to a reliable company that customers could trust and invest in a quality product and results. People were willing to wait and book out further and sign contracts because of the level of professionalism Simply Gutters portrays.“

Chris, Simply Gutters

Having a clear brand, consistent messaging, and a strong online presence is unbelievably important. Finding small ways to look professional, stand out from your competition, and attract the right clients are critical. 

It’s hard enough trying to survive in this erratic market and without a strong brand and online presence, it’s almost impossible to get your company noticed and become successful. Making these investments can provide so many short and long-term benefits. We’re sure you won’t regret it.

Advice to Small Businesses

When we asked Chris, “Do you have any advice for small businesses looking to get started or make that initial investment?”

Chris immediately answered,

“Just do it. If you know you need it, it will be worth every penny and will take your company to the next level. As hard as it is to spend the money, just simply do it and make the investment.”


If you’re a small business and you’re wondering if it’s time to take the next step and invest in your branding and online presence, give Fuzzy Duck a call today to schedule a FREE consultation! 952-449-6800

Follow the link to learn more about Simply Gutters and to see the work that Fuzzy Duck completed. Learn More About Simply Gutters Here!