Hats & Mittens to Keep Warm

Hats & Mittens

The holidays are upon us, and so is the cold weather. Many children are in need of warm hats and mittens!

The Fuzzy Duck office will be taking donations of hats and mittens during the month of December to help meet Hats & Mittens’ goal of receiving 50,000 sets by the end of 2011.

Hats & Mittens is looking for hats and waterproof mittens for children ages three to eighteen.

Rebecca Sundquist and friends founded Hats & Mittens in 1996, wanting to help raise money for small- to mid-sized non-profits serving children, and to collect hats and mittens for those in need. Sixteen years later, over 390,000 sets of hats and mittens have been given away to the community and areas in Duluth.

For more information about Hats & Mittens visit their website.