How To: Scanning a QR Code

QR code Fuzzy Duck.

The holidays are here and QR Codes are everywhere. You see them on billboards, shopping catalogs and even in stores.

However, a lot of people don’t know how to effectively use QR Codes to see what is behind that black and white square blob. According to, only 30% of consumers understand the purpose of QR Codes.

So how do you scan one? What will it show you? Below are a few steps to effectively use QR Codes whenever they catch your eye.

1. Find a QR Code Reader App

On your smart phone, find the app store and in the search box type in: QR Code Reader/Scanner
A list of FREE QR Code Readers/Scanners will be listed
Pick one you feel is best and install it on your phone
Recommendation: If you own an iPhone, the app “I-Nigma QR Code, Data Matrix and 1D Barcode Reader” is a great one to use.

2. Using the QR Code Reader App

When you find a QR Code you would like to scan, click on the QR Code Reader app and it should look like you are looking through a camera

Here is an example of what you may see when you use your app to read a QR Code:

3. What do you see?

The scanner will read the QR Code and you will be taken to a link. This link may contain a website, video, contest, etc. You never know until you scan!

When I scanned Fuzzy, this is what pops up from my QR Code Reader:

QR Code App Result

Now you try! Practice scanning Fuzzy on your own phone.

QR Code Duck

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For more information on how your business can use QR Codes, read “What Is That Thing?”