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Fuzzy Duck Design is proud to announce –MascotLab – featuring our mascot / character development services.  After years of developing characters, mascots and illustrated spokespeople for companies, organizations and sports teams, Fuzzy Duck decided to formalize its unique and effective process under the name MascotLab.

Our experienced team of professionals provides full development or enhancement of custom mascot / characters.  Going beyond simple illustration, we can assist with proper positioning and naming as well as strategic integration and ongoing support and management.

Mascot Animated GifWho couldn’t use a little character?

While we acknowledge that a mascot may not be an appropriate fit for everyone, the use of a mascot or character spokesperson has proven to be extremely effective marketing tool for many of our clients. Visit our Portfolio Page to see examples.

Below are are just 5 reasons you may choose to “add a little character” to your marketing efforts;

1. Build Company Recognition: A mascot can be a powerful marketing tool that creates a memorable impression, strengthens your name, and builds brand loyalty.

2. Differentiate your brand: Be different! A good mascot sets you apart from competitors and immediately allows you to become unique, even in a saturated industry.

3. Create versatility: Mascots go anywhere! (And never need a day off) Brand characters are dynamic and adaptable message outlets that are easily integrated into advertising techniques and methods. They can appear on social media pages, business cards, newsletters, print ads, apparel and many other communication categories.

4. Appeal to and attract customers: Eye candy! Studies show people respond to characters; they are likeable, and people do business with people they like! A mascot that appeals to the human psyche will allure clients and make it easier for you to deliver your message. A brand character gives a dimension to your company that will create awareness and positive feelings in people that will entice them to bond with you.

5. Give the business a personality: Add a little character! Mascots put a face to the name of a business and provide a voice to tell its story. Charming and endearing, characters can look right into an audience’s eyes and create relationships. It is against human nature to ignore a smiling face!

Have we peaked your interest?  Do you feel a mascot or character spokesperson may be just what your marketing efforts need? Do you already have a mascot and feel it needs to be updated or could be doing more for you?  If so, give us a call at 952-449-6800 or email us and we’d be happy to explain our unique process and affordable pricing options.