Social Media Contest Planning Kit


After the holidays, shoppers are worn out and so are their wallets. The last thing on consumers’ minds is to buy more – especially after they’ve received most of the gifts from their wish lists already. Are you prepared to handle these disengaged buyers?

While most buyers will avoid visiting your online store or brick-and-mortar location for as long as possible after the holidays, there is one guaranteed place they will be – and that’s sharing about their new goods and holiday experiences on social media. So, what are businesses doing to maximize their chances of keeping their fans engaged? The answer – social media contests.

Running a social media contest can be great for business, but it can also be a lot of work. For this reason, Fuzzy Duck has created this Social Media Contest Planning Kit to help set you up for success. Below are the some of the key take-aways you can expect to find inside the kit.

  • Understand which types of contests will be most effective for achieving certain marketing initiatives
  • Create a compelling contest that drives your audience to act
  • Determine which social networks are best for hosting your contest
  • Learn how to create a strong cross-channel promotional strategy to get the word out about your contest
  • Select the right tools to measure your contest’s performance from start to finish
  • Identify your optimal budget scenario to maximize ROI
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