Spring Cleaning Your Social Media Strategy

Spring Cleaning Social Strategy

Are you stuck in a social media rut?

Are you struggling to create meaningful content to post?

Are your social accounts gaining followers or stuck at a stand-still?

If you are struggling in any of these areas, then now is a good time to re-assess your social media strategy. And what better time than Spring to do some cleaning up?

There are a few areas to look at for a quick freshening up. Easy fixes that will give your social accounts that fresh spring feeling!

1.  Keep Your Image Consistent with Social Media Branding

What is the first thing that you see when you visit a social account? The profile and cover photos.

Do your profile and cover photos represent your current branding?

Do they match across all of your social platforms?

It’s SO important to make sure that your branding is current and that they match across ALL platforms. And it’s a quick and easy fix! Take a look at the example below.

Fuzzy Duck Social Accounts Image

When your profile images are consistent across all platforms, it not only makes it easier for your followers to identify you, but it also shows followers that you have a well-defined voice.

2.  Keep Your Social Posts Fresh

What are you posting?

Are you posting different types of content or are you stuck posting the same types of content?

Research shows time and time again that adding images or videos to your posts will generate a greater percentage for engagement. This can be anything from a photo that compliments the content you’re posting to a video that you link to from youtube that is relevant to your current post.

Fuzzy Duck Facebook Post flowers
Bright, colorful photos capture the attention of followers and will have a higher potential for engagement.

Change your posts up daily, but keep your strategy consistent. For example, Mondays can be used for inspirational quotes or a product that you can highlight from your business as a #MondayMotivation. Tuesdays could be a link to an article that is relevant to your brand or services. Each day of the week could potentially be directed towards one theme. It all depends on your brand and the voice of your business.

Creating a weekly/monthly/quarterly social marketing strategy is time-consuming, but beneficial in the planning process. It helps to keep your voice consistent when you’re posting. And takes the guess-work out of what to post and when.

3.  Engage with Your Social Audience

Are you acknowledging and engaging with your followers when they engage with your posts?

Are you inviting people to become followers of your accounts?

It’s very important to engage whenever followers are engaging with your posts. Pick a time of day and make it a practice to check the notifications on your social accounts daily. When someone leaves a comment on a post, reply and/or react to that comment with a like.

On facebook, when someone who doesn’t follow your page engages with one of your posts, you’ll get a notification about it and a suggestion to invite that person to like your page. Inviting those people to like your page is a super easy way to gain new followers and grow your audience. It’s a no-brainer, but is often overlooked as a means of growing an audience. Not everyone will accept the invitation to like your page, but most will.

Conclusion – Enjoy the Fresh and Clean Social Presence

And with those few easy steps, you can have your social accounts cleaned up and looking fresh!  

Still not sure where to start how to get your brand’s voice loud and clear through your social accounts? Give us a call and we’ll set up a FREE consultation!

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  • CJ Haag

    In her role as Fuzzy Duck’s Social Media & Content Specialist, CJ’s design eye shines through the thoughtfully crafted social posts, reels, and email blasts she delivers to our clients. She’s cultivated her knack for branding and digital marketing strategy in various positions over the last 15 years, always combining design, video production, and marketing efforts. Her passion for deep connection and storytelling inform her approach to digital media.