Sweet Tips for Your Social Media

sweet tips for your social media

Social media can be extremely effective when marketing your brand if you stick to these sweet tips!

Are you frustrated with how long it’s taking you to gain followers and grow your brand? Are you stuck in a creative rut of what content to post which leaves you second-guessing and not posting enough content? Well, here are a few tips that will hopefully energize your social media strategy!

Sweet Tip #1 – Your voice is unique.

Social media can be a fun place where it’s easy to lose track of time scrolling through funny videos, inspirational content, and products you love. It’s also a place where comparison with other brands whose marketing strategies are done really well, can discourage you from creating and posting altogether. We’re here to remind all creators that you have a unique voice for your brand. There is no other YOU out there. You are the best person to champion your brand.

Your content should be driven by the passion that you have for your brand. For example, this really comes into play when creating videos. Your consumers want to hear from you, see your face, and learn more about your brand. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed if you don’t like the way you look in a video or if you mess up what you wanted to say. We are all human and consumers really appreciate the human side of businesses, as long as it remains professional and on-brand. 

Practice often and get comfortable in front of a camera. Plan out what you want to say, keep your videos under one minute for best results, and put your passion at the forefront. Now, start producing content and promoting your brand the only way that you know how! 

There are TONS of statistics on why you should be using video more frequently in your social media content. Just take a look at all of these incredible stats here:

Sweet Tip #2 – Consistency is key.

When you create a social media strategy, it’s imperative to remain on course with that strategy. Post when you’re supposed to post while creating content that is lined up with your strategy. You need to look at maintaining your social media accounts as an indispensable part of your marketing and advertising and the place where most consumers will see and interact with your brand.

When you get into a mindset or a bad habit of missing or skipping on posting content, you end up sacrificing all the benefits that social media can do for your brand. However, when you remain consistent with the posting schedule in your social media marketing strategy, that is when you find the sweet spot.

The more consistent you are with posting, the more benefits you’ll see. Such as increased engagement including comments and reactions on your posts, as well as, shares. And with those benefits, you can expect more sales and your following to grow. You can’t beat the free marketing that social media provides.

Once you’ve established staying consistent with your posting schedule, start taking a deep-dive into your analytics. See what posts are performing well and create more content that aligns with those posts. Also, take a look at what isn’t performing well and either adjust that type of post or discontinue the use of that content altogether.

Social media can be so tricky due to the constant changes in algorithms, trends, and guidelines. The best you can do is to pay attention and do your research. Or, contact a marketing agency like Fuzzy Duck and schedule a consultation.

Sweet Tip #3 – Recognize your fans.

If you have a following of any sort and you’re not having conversations on social media with them, then you’re missing out on a big slice of potential growth. Fans (or consumers) are following your brand for a reason… they find value in it. 

Follow these social engagement steps every time a consumer takes an action.

Consumer ActionBrand Reaction
Comments on one of your postsRespond to that comment by either commenting back or adding a reaction such as a “like,” “heart,” or etc.
Shares one of your postsComment or react to their shared post
Tags your brand in a postComment or react on that tagged post
Posts a photo/video of your brand or product (User Generated Content/UGC)Comment or react to their created post

User Generated Content (UGC) is invaluable to brands. When a consumer loves a brand, they post about it, oftentimes with a high-quality image and text that praises that brand. It’s so important to react to these posts and add them to your stories section or even use them as a post in your feed. ALWAYS tag the user that posted initially. This provides that consumer with recognition and they are more likely to post again and again about your brand, all the while reaching a wider audience. You’d be surprised how quickly your following can grow organically when you give proper shout-outs to these users.

Once your brand is established, you can start looking into contacting influencers to test out your product or service and have them post about their thoughts. Remember, everyone on any social platform has their very own audience, and utilizing UGC or influencers is a great way to reach a new audience.


If you’re looking to modify or improve your social media marketing strategy, then please reach out to Fuzzy Duck. We meet with business owners all of the time just like yours and have helped many businesses tackle their social media with confidence. Set up your FREE consultation today!

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