Taking A Hard Look at your Logo

Logo development

When is the last time you really looked at your logo, and not just looked but really examined your logo? If you are like many businesses, the last time you took a good hard look was during the design process. If that design process was done quite a while ago, you may want to look again and ask some very tough questions.

  1. Is it dated? It’s hard to convey cutting-edge ideas using a logo that hasn’t stood the test of time. Logos are a little bit like cars that way. Some logos are timeless classics that are every bit as powerful and finely tuned as when they first appeared, while others fall by the wayside, as the weaker ‘moldy oldies’. If you fear your logo might be developing some rust – or is a full-blown clunker – sometimes a simple revamp, touch up, or modernization can help breathe new life in to your brand.
  2. What do the colors mean? Color analysis is an important process of logo creation, because different colors can convey or invoke feelings in your audience. Think back to when your original logo was first created and ask yourself if your color palette was chosen with the careful scrutiny it deserved. Modernizing or refining your color palette can help keep you on target with accurate audience emotions.
  3. Does it play well with your corporate identity? What is your primary corporate font? What is the clear zone around your logo? If you don’t know the answer to these questions – don’t feel bad. Many people don’t know what their corporate standards are – or have never established them. Consider that your business’s credibility is conveyed in your collateral pieces, and the integrity of your brand relies on setting standards and holding true to them. Developing a corporate style guide to set standards is a great way to polish your look, and greatly helps to keep your logo working as hard as possible.
  4. Is it flexible? Consider how you use your logo. Is it viewable comfortably at smaller sizes? Could you embroider it on a sweatshirt? Does it work with and without a tag line? Can you read it on a fax? Like a multi-tool-knife, a well-developed logo should be able to tackle any application or situation that may arise with ease and accessibility.
  5. Is it memorable? Do people recognize your logo at a glance? Does it convey or cleverly suggest what your company does, represents or stands for? Does it reinforce the brand? A good logo will be recognized and associated quickly, again and again, reaching the point of becoming that timeless classic that a great logo should be.

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