Web Design and Development: How Much Will It Cost and What Do I Need?

website development
Many of our clients or potential clients come to us with unique projects but similar questions. The first question is almost always “How much will it cost?” However, coming in a close second is the follow-up question “What do I need?” or alternatively phrased “What will it take?”
While all projects have a unique set of goals, requirements and parameters, they will always require the same core elements in order to function. Every site will need, at the minimum, 3 basic elements: a registered domain name, a web hosting solution and an email hosting solution.

Domain Name
Of the three core elements, the domain name is the most obvious but sometimes the most difficult to choose. The difficulty isn’t necessarily on coming up with a good domain name for your site, but in finding an available domain name. Once the available domain name is found it can be registered through Fuzzy Duck or on your own through a any reputable domain name registrar.

Web Hosting
The simple definition of web hosting is the physical location of your website files and resources. So when you visit a website, the web hosting solution is responsible for storing, displaying and running the files and services for that site.

While the simple definition provided above works to help explain what web hosting is, it is important to note that not all web hosting solutions are the same. In order to choose the correct web hosting solution, you will need to establish the requirements and parameters of the website. Fuzzy Duck can make recommendations and requirements for your web needs. You would then be able to acquire the right web hosting solution on your own, or utilize assisted web hosting through Fuzzy Duck Design.

Email Hosting
While technically not necessary for a site to operate, an email hosting solution is important for any company website. Most but not all web hosting solutions will offer an email solution of some sort. But that doesn’t always mean that the provided solution is right for you and your company. It is important to understand exactly what is needed from your email. You will need to know how much online storage you will want/need, do you need an integrated or shared calendar system, and whether you prefer to use webmail or an email application such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail.

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