Why Video Training Works

You did it! You finished a training and you learned something new! “It all seemed so simple,” you think to yourself, sashaying out of the office with satisfaction. A few weeks go by and the time comes to make an update. All you’ve got to do is just. . . Wait a minute. . . Oh! You just click. . . Huh, what do you click on again? Just like that, you’ve forgotten everything you thought you’d remember forever.

9 out of 10 times this is what happens when it comes to training on a new website, whether we’re doing it internally or externally. Watching someone else do it once just doesn’t stick in your head the way you’d think it would! At Fuzzy Duck, we’ve found that when we offer video trainings, especially for websites, it provides people with a valuable reference they can access whenever they need it. This in turn allows for less frustration, less back and forth, and more productive, quality work on your own website.

Giving You The Tools To Succeed

Our goal is to equip business owners with the tools they need to successfully manage their own business! We will provide short video snippets of various website how tos. You’ll be left with a library of easy-to-navigate tutorials that you can watch over and over again if you need a little help. Topics can range from more basic tasks, like how to switch out photos on your homepage, to more complex, like how to create a blog post. Our hope is that whatever the topic, after a few watches, you’ll have built confidence in how to get around your site. And you’ll stop being afraid of breaking it! (But, if you do – we’re just a phone call away!)

Leading By Example

As we’ve trained our own team on new software, we’ve adopted these video training ourselves. The service we’ve been using to record and store these videos is called “Loom”. It’s been very useful to us at an affordable price! The videos live online, making it easy to find them — no files to dig through. We’ve found it especially helpful when training new employees because assigning these videos primes new hires with a solid foundation of Fuzzy Duck programs and allows them time to consider follow-up questions. It empowers employees to take accountability for their own learning and builds confidence in our tools.

Meeting the Needs of Today

Finally, video trainings work to address some of the challenges of the changing times. Recently, turnover has been high across the board. By recording trainings, you provide your team with an evergreen resource that your existing team can come back to over and over again as necessary.  Onboarding new employees becomes a little easier as you aren’t required to lead each individual through a step-by-step training. This allows employees to own their jobs, do some of their own research, and saves managers valuable time. In this evolving world of hybrid working, video training helps facilitate independent, asynchronous learning that can support your whole team.

Working with Fuzzy Duck gives you access to a team of experts brimming with small-business experience. We want to help you win! Read more of our insights on our blog.


  • Brenna Connolly

    As Fuzzy Duck’s copywriter, Brenna works diligently to make your brand voice shine. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, she honed her craft in the natural foods industry where she contributed to professional websites, industry-wide publications, and social media initiatives. Brenna has written for clothing companies and newspapers alike; she’s even edited a novel. A bona fide wordsmith, Brenna is eager to help you tell your story.

  • Courtney Saaf